Translation Services

Mark Lewis provides French to English (Technical) Translation Services and English to French translation of general texts.

  • Translation of French technical and business documents into English.
  • Proofing, review and correction of technical, industrial and general texts.
  • Post editing and revision of machine translations.
  • Transcription and revision of voice audio recordings.
  • Subtitling of corporate and entertainment video.
  • Website keyword research, localization and content review.
  • Localization: Human translation with cultural nuance.


Technical manuals, contract reviews, communications, cultural attractions, software design, supply chain, manufacturing, engineering.

Technologies used

RWS Trados + Addons, Microsoft Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Odoo ERP, Notion, Obsidian, Evernote, Ayoa, Todoist, Enterprise Architect, Adobe Illustrator, Première 2023, Final Cut, Subtitle Edit, Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, WordPress, Google Analytics, Ads, Console, Semrush, Ahrefs.

Technical Translator

I studied business information technology at Epsom, Paris and Brighton and went on to work as a contractor analyst and developer in the UK until 2000, when I moved to France to manage a database for a brand PC manufacturer.

I started out as a freelancer in Brittany in 2004. First configuring hardware, then digitizing analogue media. I spent a year working with a Microsoft ERP provider, and taught information systems at the local IUT for 2 years.

Now back in London since 2018, I specialise in technical, audiovisual translation, and added value localization.


BSC / DEST Business Information Systems (1994)
CPIM Supply Chain Management (2002)