Recent translation projects

The following table shows the number of technical terms I have collated and the number of words translated in each area in 2019. A total of 320k words translated French to English in 5 months to May 2019 by domain.

translation stats

I’ve collected many specific and general terms over the years and recently combined them all into one Access database. These are the number of terms by domain:

number of terms by domain

My database helps me track the number of words “done” per week, either translation or proofreading.

Translation volumes since 2015

These are the figures that I was able to calculate since using Trados full-time, but I was already translating smaller volumes from 2012.

translation volume 2015 to 2019

Recent projects

These are some of the recent projects I’ve been involved in.

recent translation projects

Before translating full time I was also digitizing old videos, films and audio sources and doing video editing as and before that, I was an IT developer and business analyst. For a description of that experience and some of the lessons in management, please see