Interpreter services

Significant projects

We have been translating documents from French to English on a regular basis since 2011 and have recently returned from two on-site interpreter projects, both in industrial environments.

This is an ideal environment for us to build on previous experience.

Please see here or prices for onsite and remote interpreting

Liaison interpreter

For an industrial dairy distributorservices d'interprétariat

I was asked to be on-site during the construction of the product storage facility of an industrial dairy products distributor, situated near Rouen in Normandy.

I helped interface between a German technical team installing automated stock pallet towers (delivered from Hungary), the French site management and the heavy lifting team (300T) designated to lift the equipment into the stock management facility.

Interpreter services for a foundry

furnace e1522401962514

I went to an industrial site in eastern France to interface between the potential buyer and factory management staff (controller, operators, maintenance staff, directors) during the preliminary audit prior to purchase.

I went round the foundry on several occasions, assisting the anglophile visitors to audit the factory facility and interface with operators and managers.

Likewise, I helped auditors exchange with the management controller to discuss accounts, inventory and fixed assets and with the IT specialist auditing the computing, network and alarm facilities.

As part of the audit, we also visited the national grid power supply and water purification plant with maintenance staff.

Looking to expand

We are looking to capitalize on this experience in technical translation to offer customers translation based on our technical experience.

We also offered media transfer and audiovisual translation through video subtitling services.

Remote interpreter services

As we are technically minded and run a fast network, we are also open to offering remote interpreter services via phone or (internet) chat.