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I finally got all my KPI onto one visual management board in Access. This is the completion of an old project where I had KPI all over the place in Excel and in Access, with a very complicated production mechanism between the two.

visual management board

It is much simpler to have your KPI within the same system. KPI then act as visual management screens. They are a statement of the current situation. They invite those concerned to find whatever means to improve the situation.

Visual management boards are empowering. All the KPI data is available to all people at all levels of the company from management to operatives. There are no information islands which could create concentrations of power and invite the blame game.

gtd tracking objectives in a database
gtd tracking objectives in a database

Visual management boards are levelling, and supplied with information directly from the operational information system. It is about sharing responsibilities, understanding what can be improved across the ERP across the whole supply chain. The whole company plays a role in improving things.

The most senior may broker contracts which engage the whole company. Operatives execute the hard-earned contract, sharing skills and resources.

Visual Management Board in Access

For my part, it’s been a pleasure to reconstitute a KPI board in access. My memory of it was there a very complex system to combine both Access and Excel which was not always beneficial.

I’m redesigning that system which was a price purchasing database, and marketing forecasts but we calculated machine prices and KPI in Excel.

So this is just to illustrate the idea that KPI or visual management boards built in Access. In industry, it is unlikely that access will be used to display key indicators on visual management boards, but this illustrates the principle.

Next step is to redesign the machine pricing configurator which I’ll be doing as part of the design of the new database.


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