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We did several video editing projects during the years transferring old media to digital. Usually, these projects were one of many different types of video edit such as compilations or reduction edits.

John Fogerty Fan Club

We had the pleasure of working for the John Fogerty Fan Club in France – for those connoisseurs who know exactly what bits to choose.

This is a good example of having an editor to work for you. The editor deals with the technicalities, you make the choices. And we help you with those choices – one way is to add a timecode – and then you can make the edit choices and we execute them.

Another way is to work on style – you send us your material and with a few indications and we do the edits. We always provide a final version for validation before payment.

Compile a photo slideshow

Compile a photo slideshow, put to music with transitions. It’s a good way to animate your photos and easily show them to family and friends. We add music which matches the theme of your photos.

An example of simple video cutting

Here is an example of digitally editing VHS video recordings to take out the ‘snow’ which so often plagues old VHS tapes. Simple editing is designed to make a video more agreeable to watch.

Reduction Editing

Reduction Video Editing is about reducing perhaps 10 hours of film to one hour or less. Watching ten hours of film is, of course, possible, but it is nice to have a shorter version that can be watched easily. This is one example of our video editing projects.

Recording and editing video for theater

We had the pleasure of recording and editing the following plays

  • Texts by Christian Descamps at the Athena local arts centre
  • 2 plays by a local company les Traiteaux Trinitains,
  • Readings by local poet Charles Lescuyer,
  • Play organised at a local old people’s home in Séné,
  • Tribulations Alcoolisées by l’Association Seconde Souffle and
  • A Portée de Choeur a charitable musical in favour of the homeless.

Image and sound recording

Some of these recordings are done quite simply with single cameras and varying sound quality. For best results, it is advisable to have several cameras ideally one central fixed camera, 2 laterals, one mobile and one on stage.

Recording sound is particularly important and requires microphones on stage linked both to the camera. For best results microphones should also be linked directly to a digital recording system such as a sound card and pc so that for editing you have image and video synchronized and an independent high quality sound source.

Ideally, a place should be recorded with multiple cameras requiring therefore multi-angle editing which enables the editor to choose the best shot and to alternate between angles so that the edit is more interesting to watch.

Diverse edits

Below is a short fun edit based on content recorded on an iPhone, edited quickly with a sound synchronization effect.

Souvenir edit for a funeral

We know about memories, we often deal in memories, people coming often with films with people passed away in them.

And so it was natural to, when asked, to do an edit with all the photos from someone’s life even after they had passed away. It is of course primarily for those who remain and those who go to the funeral service. In crematoria, it is possible to put on a short film in memory of the person deceased.

Below are 2 very simple examples of just ringing photos together with the music that the person liked. These are all done in haste in between the person passing away and the service, but they do not need to be more in many ways.

For those who remain, there’s no need for special effects, the photos speak for themselves.

End of Life edits

This was Bruno

An estimate of the cost of video editing

Ask us for an estimate for your video edit from film reels, videotape or an event. Do not hesitate to request a quotation for your video editing project from digital event-based content.


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