Video colour correction

We apply video colour correction filters to video for contrast, brightness to improve colour depth if the colours in your recordings are bland.

This is not always necessary, but some films deserve in-depth colour correction. We can correct the colour of your videos

Aging movies

Old films (Super 8) age differently over time (Kodak is better than Fuji) and can lose their original look, sometimes turning purple monochrome. For monochrome mauve, we tend to put everything in black and white.

If there is still some colour, but bland, we can work to improve saturation and exposure.

Specific colorimetry correction can be detailed work, looking for the smallest duration where the color does not change.

Color correction is an editing option, but not required for all media. We often digitised camera tapes without correction.

If a color correction is required, we transfer your media to a a video editing station.

Image correction

Color correction in images is also possible, but here too depends on the level of quality sought. Very good results are possible frame by frame or per batch.

However, in batch processing, the best case is to have batches that are similar in colour profile.

For slide scanningand negatives, we apply the most appropriate correction within reasonable limits and depending on the project. Colour correction is available as an editing option if you are looking for a special attention to quality.

Photo reconstruction

It is possible to reconstruct a badly damaged photo. The example opposite seems to have received ink splashes in several places. We managed to remove these defects, making the photo black and white and by partly rebuilding pixels outright, especially for the face of the man.

We are not graphic designers or artists, but we know how to use the relevant tools. For any advanced artistic work, it is always advisable to employ a specialist.


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