UML analysis of a Transport System

The following UML analysis came from a project to build a database around the activities of a transport association. The organisation transports people in financial difficulty, in return to work situations, with social problems, or mobility impaired workers on low wages.

Statistics to produce for the transport system

The association receives public funds and contributions from employers to transport these people to their place of employment. The finance for the journeys of the people they transport in daily rounds come from many different financing organisations.

uml analysis of a transport system

Reporting enables the association to compare journeys, people transported by financing organisation to be able to justify funds against trips. The system can calculate budgets for each financing organisation.

dashboards for transport system

The system also manages contacts within each organisation, holding data on the persons who authorise journeys for users. There is also a module to manage users, their financing status and simple statistics designed to understand the profiles of users.

The UML model contains the relational model destined for Microsoft Access, analysis of required outputs and inputs.

part of the relational model of a transport system


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