Translation Prices

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These are my translation prices for French to English translation

Translation inc. proofing pricesEURGBPsource
Translation FR > EN0.070.06word
Translation EN > FR0.070.06word
Image localisation5.004.40image
PDF Documents (extra)1.000.88document
Transcription and Subtitling pricesEURGBPsource
English transcription only of EN film4.003.52minute
French transcription only of FR film4.003.52minute
English video subtitling of EN film7.006.16minute
French to English subtitling (inc. transcription)9.007.92minute
MTPE and Proofing pricesEURGBPsource
Proofing only0.030.03word
Revison or MTPE0.040.04word
On site interpreter services330290day
Remote interpreting230202day
Hourly rate3531hour

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