The Independent trader’s decision-making system

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There are many issues in the decision-making system to be made by independent traders, so many demands on his time, issues needing action.

Deciding on priorities today and tomorrow

Here we discuss some of the tools that can accompany decision-making, which can make the process easier and more repeatable.

It is a question of recognizing the influences that impinge on the independent trader who is often the sole decision maker.

The decision-making process is not the same for everyone. It is not a question of standardizing decisions, but of being aware of the decision-making path.

Our job is to support you in formalizing your processes, expressing the influences in your context and helping you with the judicious use of tools.

The reference library

Any element can have a description, detail. It is important to capture the elements affecting your situation, to document them, to look at the specificity of each situation. For this, it is important to write them down.

Evernote can store a lot of items, index them, catalog them.

But not all ideas or issues can be acted on straightaway. It is however important to capture the essence of an idea as it is, so that when the time comes, you already have a working model.

All actions to be captured in the task manager

Of all the elements in your database, which one will you work on today?

This decision is made in the context of the tasks you have already entered into your task manager and are actively thinking about. The act of recording all potential and current tasks allows to take a step back from the one that is priority at any time.

It is hindsight, experience and objectivity that allows for a balanced decision.

Here is a mindmap that shows the suite of tools that helps to establish and manage a strategic and operational vision.

The entrepreneur is influenced by many factors in his environment.

Inscribing each element is part of a quality management process, establishing the necessary realistic actions is part of management.


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