Souvenir Event Video Editing

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Create a souvenir event video of your wedding, baptism or communion or other special events which lasts a long time. You would like to create a souvenir edit which does justice to the original event. We offer you to reduce up to 10 hours of film in a one-hour summary edit. All you need to do is give us a recorded film and we take care of the rest.

Forgotten to hire a cameraman?

Several people can film

It is best if several people film the event, so that’s not only Is it possible to choose the best shot the scene, Several versions of the same scene allow us to improve the edits by showing multiple angles


You allow us to edit your films. We initially produce a series of DVDs with the whole film on it which allows us to spend some time together to identify the important moments and people present.

Delivery of your edit

We deliver the final edits to you on USB, hard disk in as many copies and in the format that you wish or online.

The price of a souvenir event edit

The price of a souvenir event edit is agreed upfront. It generally depends on the time that we expect to spend on it which is generally based on the length and number of original films, the length objective of the final edit since the more we take out, the more carefully choices need to be made. We always try to maintain reasonable prices.

Choices of Style

Over and above the style of the main edit, you will be asked to choose Various options for the DVD menu, chapter marks And the style of music that might be used when covering dialogue, the style of transitions and other aesthetic elements.


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