Recent translation projects

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Recent translation projects from French to English totalled around 550k words in 2019 in a wide variety of industrial and technical domains.

I’ve collected many specific and general terms over the years and recently combined them into one translation database. These are the number of terms against the number of words translated or proofread by domain.

Words translated or proofed 2018 – 2019

I manage a terms database which helps me track the number of words translated or proofread. Very large volumes may be spread over several weeks.

Words translated or proofed 2018 - 2019

Volume translated or proofed

I collect terms in each of the following domains for translation projects.

A total of 540k words translated from French to English in the 10 months to October 2019:

recent translation projects

Translation projects 2015 to 2019

These are the figures using Trados, but I was translating smaller volumes from 2012.

Specialist articles translated

I specialise in translation in 5 main areas: Video Editing, Management and Information Systems, Technical and Industrial and Tourism.

Audiovisual translation projects

Management translation projects

Technical and Industrial translation projects

Procedures and norms for standard installation work in foundry / factory54000TranslationIndustrial
Specification, supplier contract, conditions and technical parts list for VBMR military vehicles33000TranslationTechnical
Maintenance procedure and parts lists for military vehicles32078TranslationTechnical
Production Organisation Manual25787TranslationIndustrial
Vehicle passes for Brussels Low Emmissions Zone17000RevisionAutomobile
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) specifications and guidelines for an electronic component manufacturer15559TranslationScientific
Delivery protocols for delivery of Suplhuric Acid to sites for transporter15000TranslationIndustrial
Masterclass video transcription of well-known French writer10647TranscriptionAudiovisual
System specification for factory packaging conveyer belt system10062TranslationIndustrial
Requirements specification for factory conveyor systems10034TranslationSupply chain
Production health and safety regulations for prevention of bird flu10000TranslationHealth and Safety
Transcription Kevin Staut Masterclass of a show-jumper9100TranscriptionSport
Catalogue for industrial plastic plug and cap manufacturer9000TranslationIndustrial
Health and Safety guidelines and internal regulations for large industrial security firm9000TranslationHealth and Safety
Contract for long-term vehicle rental8524TranslationFinance
Government contract for logging, product development and application for subsidy8466TranslationFinance
Requirements specifications for ERP8126TranslationComputing
Consolidated accounts and auditors report for large French AI company7800TranslationFinance

Client companies

These are some of my indirect customers through agencies.

End CustomerWords
Nexter Systems65078
Aersospace contractor (confidential)43067
Lylo Media21697
Brussels Government18864
Teledyne E2V15559
Showroom Privé / Dematic10034
BNP Arval8524
Ministère de l’Economie8466
Calciament / Vilofloss8126
BNP Paribas8089

Agency customers

SVP Traductions43
Solten Business International Ltd14
Woods Rédaction Technique10
Cultures Connection10
Production SA9
Calliopi International6
Lylo media group SA5
TTP Amplus4

Glossary sources

On occasions, I extract from glossaries to support my translation work including:
Centre National de l’Informatique et Libértés (CNIL)
Dictionnaire Juridique
Ecole National des Sciences Géographiques
European Union Terminology (IATE)
Le Portail Transport et Logistique
La Recherche Agronomique
La Thermodynamique Appliqué
Lexique du
Outil de formation des matériaux

Example Glossaries

Supply Chain Terms
Financial Glossary
Engineering Glossary
Accounting Glossary
Foundry Glossary
Document Management Glossary

All figures updated November 2019

Prior to translation

Before translating full time I

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