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Here is a summary of our old scanning, digital transfer and video editing services.

Media Memory used to handle a wide range of analogue film formats to export them in the format of choice: DVD, CD or key. We transferred and duplicated all types of digital media: CDs, DVDs, SD cards Floppy disks and Iomega ZIP discs.

We edited digital projects forevents based on digitised film which sometimes required correcting colour and exposure and summarising, reducing long films or compiling photo slideshows. We still transcribe video into text for English translation and subtitling.

A summary of our services

digital transfer services

We used to transfer analogue film, video cassettes, Normal 8 and Super 8 movies, cassettes and audio sources, slides, negatives and paper images to digital.

Digital transfer services

Super 8 and Single 8 transfer

We transferred 8mm reels to DVD in MPEG 2 or USB stick format in QuickTime or AVI format using one of our two telecinemas. We automatically removed the joins between film reels in digital video post-editing.

Example of Super 8 transfer

Sometimes people didn’t know how to identify the contents of their reels before recording. We transferred the raw footage to DVD for evaluation prior to editing. And then edited the video and reburn the DVD. By default, we did not add sound to silent recordings but added a voice or music on request as an audio edit.

Benefits of a telecinema

We transferred our films using telecinemas, which, by transferring at a constant speed and without flickering, guarantee a quality image.

Colour correction

We take care to check the quality of recorded images andcorrected the colour balance as necessary. If we saw an obvious discolouration, we would correct it as an editing option.

Camera cassettes retain their colour in general. However, we might do in-depth colour correction on a dedicated video editing station.

We apply colour correction filters to video for contrast, brightness to improve colour depth if the colours in your recordings are bland.

This is not always necessary, but some films deserve in-depth colour correction. We can correct the colour of your videos We can correct the colour of your videos

Aging movies

Old films (Super 8) age differently over time (Kodak is better than Fuji) and can lose their original look, sometimes turning purple monochrome. For monochrome mauve, we tend to put everything in black and white.

If there is still some colour, but bland, we can work to improve saturation and exposure.

Specific colorimetry correction can be detailed work, looking for the smallest duration where the color does not change.

Color correction is an editing option, but not required for all media. We often digitised camera tapes without correction.

If a color correction is required, we transfer your media to a a video editing station.

Image correction

Color correction in images is also possible, but here too depends on the level of quality sought. Very good results are possible frame by frame or per batch.

However, in batch processing, the best case is to have batches that are similar in colour profile.

For slide and negatives scanning, we apply the most appropriate correction within reasonable limits and depending on the project. Colour correction is available as an editing option if you are looking for a special attention to quality.

Photo reconstruction

It is possible to reconstruct a badly damaged photo. The example opposite seems to have received ink splashes in several places. We managed to remove these defects, making the photo black and white and by partly rebuilding pixels outright, especially for the face of the man.

We are not graphic designers or artists, but we know how to use the relevant tools. For any advanced artistic work, it is always advisable to employ a specialist.

Transfer of video cassettes

Old hardware is increasingly difficult to find in good condition. We transferred souvenir cassettes to digital format for families to share with loved ones and future generations.

We used to transfer all formats of video cassettes including:

Delivery format

Camcorder cassettes transferred to digital DVD, AVI or QuickTime formats supplied on USB stick or hard drive.

We used to transfer camcorder cassettes digitally to DVD, USB key or hard drive.

Transfer of audio tapes and cassettes

We scanned your audio cassettes, dictaphone tapes, magnetic audio reels and vinyl disks onto audio CDs, MP3 or WAV on USB stick or hard drive.

We transferred audio cassettes, tapes or vinyl records either to digital audio CDs, WAV files or converted directly into MP3 on a hard key or hard drive.

You could listen to your vinyl records, your grandmother’s recording or your favourite 80s audio cassette on an audio CD, on your phone or in a car in MP3.

Slides scanned to digital images

We scanned slides, paper photos and negatives onto CDs, DVDs, USB sticks or hard drives or could send them to customers using WeTransfer.

Most consumer scanners are able to scan between 4 and 6 images and therefore slide scanning can take a long time.

Volume scanner

We used a volume scanner loaded with 100 slides enabling us to scan efficiently and at high resolution. We cleaned, loaded and unloaded the slides, thus saving time for our customers.

Many customers rediscovered photos taken in the 80s or 90s before digital devices were widely available.

Digital photos scanning allowed customers to relive past events, categorise them and share them with friends and family.

After-scan treatment

We made sure images were oriented before delivery. We corrected the scan colour of slides per batch. We provided advanced colour correction for customers looking for a particular quality effect.

Make it an album

Some customers converted their photos into printed photo albums. A printed photo album creation service is available on

What better way to relive your photos than to offer them as a birthday or Christmas present?

We scanned at resolutions of up to 5000 dpi allowing customers to enlarge and print scanned images up to A3. You could even make a poster with Poster XXL.

Digital scanning of negatives

We scanned negatives digitally onto CD, DVD, USB stick or hard drive or sent them to some remote customers by WeTransfer.

We scanned negatives and positives sometimes not even printed as paper photos.

Digital scanning photos allows you to relive past events and share them with friends and family.

Paper photo scan

We scanned paper photos digitally. Once scanned, photos can be adjusted to improve or restore their colour. Scanned photos can easily be included in family photo libraries.

If you can create a library of your family’s photos, you can also create a printed album or animated slideshow of photos set to music. This slideshow traced the history of a family from old paper photos, glass plates, mixed with scanned images of slides, negatives and recent digital photos.

A library of digital photos

Scan your paper photos to create a photo library, printed album or animated slideshow. You could also upload your photos to a digital frame and display them in your office or living space.

You may want to save not only photos, but important documents to keep and store them in a cloud service such as Evernote. You may simply need to have documents backed up on your computer for safety reasons, fire, or simply for ease of consultation.

Glass plates

We retrieved glass plate images using a digital photographic process. Here are some of the glass plate boxes which first had to be cleaned of caustic deposits of dried bromide.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t publish the images from this project but following digital processing, we restored them as black and white digital photos after correcting the contrast and exposure (except for a few eaten edges).

Here, on the other hand, is a collection with a certain historical value ofglass plates from Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon dating from the end of the 19th century.

DVD duplication

We duplicated DVDs in small quantities to distribute to your loved ones.

If you transferred your tapes or reels, you may want a backup copy that remains in the archives, or to give a friend or loved one.

Systor 7 draw dvd duplicator

We duplicated DVDs for schools and several theatre companies that had filmed events to distribute to the public. We duplicated DVDs for a public institution that needed to distribute documents. We provided multiple copies with (optional) a jacket, case or printed booklet.

We provided several options for cases: CD, slim, slim DVD, full-size DVD. The price of printing varies depending on the type of case and the extent of your project or whether or not you want to print on the DVD itself.

We provided specific quotes including graphic design or not depending on the project.

Digital Media File Conversion

We offer digital media file conversion of your digital audio and video sources into other file formats.

Converting video formats

Conversion between AVI, MPG and MOV. Some formats are platform-specific notably Final Cutand i-movie on Mac which use only MOV (QuickTime). We convert between formats to move between editing platforms. We offer this service so that we can receive any audio or video input format and can output in any format.

Converting audio formats

Compression means that more sound can be stored on media, but may also mean lower quality. Despite this, MP3 can do the job, depending on the application, but for hi-fi and sound enthusiasts it just won’t cut it, the quality out depends on the quality in. We can extract or export sound from either WAV, MP3, or Audio CDs.

Upload to YouTube

You may wish to export, view or retain your media on YouTube. We can do this for you.

Hard and Optical disks

We handle corrupted hard disks and damaged optical disks. We have the connectors to take any media and the software to recover damaged hard drives and hardware to resurface optical disks.


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