Odoo management system

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What is it Odoo? Why do we advocate it?

Odoo is a complete management system

Odoo is an ERP, business resource planning system. Even if supplied in several different versions, a free one and a paid one Including some paid modules, it remains a leading solution.

It is relatively easy to use, not least due to its user-friendly interface. For example, when creating an order or opportunity, you can add a customer name quickly to complete the current document and come back later to complete the detail on the customer card.

It manages the complete flow from customer contact to accounts, allowing you to output a balance sheet and income statement, including an FEC file (accounting exchange file) to be proposed to your accountant to establish your accounting and balance sheet.

It manages customers, orders, purchasing and billing

It manages the product base with variances, prices and cost.

It manages purchasing with Requests for Quotation (RFQ)

It can manage a touch checkout and your entire website (in hosted mode).

In short, it deals with all the administrative functions of the company.

Nevertheless, we combine satellite systems for complete business management, including mindmaps for brainstorming, Evernote to store the company’s experience and Todoist for managing personal and professional tasks.


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