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The planner in Ayoa is an opportunity to play around with your tasks. It’s an opportunity to juggle what you should be doing or what you think you should be doing now. It is about focusing on the priorities (important and urgent), the things you should be doing next and soon. Soon is not quite like ‘someday’, it’s just after next.

So it’s very easy to tag a task now next or soon and then Ayoa presents them all in a unified screen with columns now next and soon.

This unified My Planner screen gives you a great vision of how you establish your priorities and to juggle them so that they feel right so that you feel that you are doing the right things.

The greatest challenge is selecting the right things from the mass of ideas, tasks, desires, intentions and definite things that you need to do.

ayoa planner now next soon tasks
ayoa planner now next soon tasks

So once you’ve got things onto the ‘My Planner’ screen it might give you a clearer vision of what is missing or whether your selection of priorities is appropriate.

Consider also that each task board might represent a separate project. The challenge is to select tasks from each project without selecting so many tasks that each project advances very slowly. It’s the difference between focusing on a single project, on several fronts or snowed under with just too many things at the same time.

Take a look at this tutorial of how to get started with Ayoa Planner

Selecting tasks my planner in Ayoa

To select what to put in now, next and soon, you might filter on tasks which are important and urgent. Importance and Urgency are the key factors used in the Eisenhower method.

Most probably the important and urgent ones will be in your now. However ideally, proactive management means that you don’t have anything that is burningly urgent.

You might find, with practice, that you are less focused on putting out fires and getting ahead of the game. The now next and soon helps you to anticipate and hopefully avoid the emergency situations.

My Planner is The Funnel

The Ayoa Planenr implements The Funnel which is a theoretical construct for moving ideas into action. The idea is that there is is a final effect leading down from the backlog in preparation to Now.

the management funnel

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