Mindmap links to create new ideas

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Creating relationships between ideas generates more ideas. This is the heart of creativity. Mindmap links to create new ideas.

The mind functions through association. Brain structures are neural connections. Creativity comes from creating links between different areas, by the association of ideas.

Mapping systems like creativity neural processes generates new links leading to new creative visions of previously obvious data.

We talk a lot about how mind maps can enhance creativity. But what could be behind this idea?

Indeed, we talk about ‘new-age’ tools such as Twitter stimulating creativity for similar reasons. The links and associations between ideas and people stimulate the brain into creating new ideas.

Mindmap links to create new ideas

Tools such as mind maps, concept maps, entity relationships, brainstorming diagrams or class diagrams promote these associations. However, what process is the brain going through as we help it here?

Imagine a set of unconnected ideas that on the surface, perhaps, the brain has no particular reason to associate. By making those links through the external mental process of mapping, the brain has something to work on. It’s a whole new ball-game. 

The brain can reinforce these associations to calculate new conclusions and thus: create. Creativity comes out of the association of ideas, but in systems thinking, there are also tools to map processes. These provide new, holistic visions of the system.

Finding meaning in complexity

Visual notations can stimulate original thought and creativity. For this reason, we use UML to analyse real-world systems to find meaning in complex systems. See our section on systems analysis.

Mindmap links to create new ideas

There is no single vision of this world system. The idea is to demonstrate that mapping systems can provide a new vision of previously unrelated concepts. It can assist in systems analysis, often just as complex as thought processing.

It is possible to describe any system, but not always in complete detail. Should we map systems for a purpose, as per the principles of Le Moigne or Descartes.

Some suggest that the objective of mapping complex systems is to predict behaviours. Others hold that if the system can be mapped, it is not complex.

The objective of modelling and creativity is to provide a new vision of the system or the network. This lateral thinking can change our patterns of thought and enables us to move on and above the initial complexity.

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