Documentary on Jean Guillemet

menhir filmed in jean guillemet documentary

Jean Guillemet talks about the countryside This is a documentary on Jean Guillemet, l’Espérance de Vie, which was screened in three local cinemas – in Josselin, Locminé and Grand Champ. The main protagonist, Jean Guillemet at the age of 76, gives us his views on the changes in society since the Land Consolidation, the departure … Read more

Previous digital transfer services

TCS Tele cinema hooked up to a Mac HD video capture card

Here is a summary of our old scanning, digital transfer video editing services. Media Memory used to handle a wide range of analogue film formats to export them in the format of choice: DVD, CD or key. It was the digitalization and duplication of all media, the extraction of digital media from any medium: SD … Read more

APDC Cabaret 2013

Restos du Coeur

Here is the cabaret recorded by in 2013. We recorded, edited, and sold the DVD in favor of the Association A Portée de Choeur. History of the Association Here is the story of the creation of the association and the A Portée de Coeur event, Auray in favour of the Restaurants of the Heart … Read more

Some tricky words to translate

French to English translation

This is my take on some tricky words to translate, that I came across in my work. At least there may be some terms which may have culturally different implications, emphases or approaches which aren’t necessarily fully reflected in the words even though the translation may be appropriate. English French word Explanation a notice, notification … Read more

Video Editing Projects

MJL Video office

We did several video editing projects during the years, transferring old media to digital. Usually, these projects were one of many different types of video edits, such as compilations or reduction edits. Recording and video editing for theatre We had the pleasure of recording and editing the following plays Recording and video editing projects for … Read more