Managing a company with tools

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Managing a company is complex, with multiple aspects; administration, how to make yourself known, what strategy. Especially when you are self-employed and have to ask yourself what services to develop, in what order and relying on what resources.

This task is greatly facilitated by organizational tools and even more so when the tool is visual, assisting thought through visualization.

An odoo kanban grid

The classic Kanban

In Odoo you can easily drag blocks from column to column, here organized by GTD horizon.

Each task includes a timesheet to track the time spent on the activity.

The disadvantage is that it is not possible to structure tasks with subtasks.

The visual environment of Ayoa

What is nice about Ayoa is that it creates links and dependencies between tasks. It is this relationship between tasks that gives perspective.

Each task can be broken down into sub-items on a checklist.

If an item becomes too complex, it can be made into a category.

The same thing with Todoist

The advantage of Todoist is that you can incorporate many project tasks and subtasks, but in a less visual way.


Toodledo is excellent because its mobile app is very powerful but the online desktop tool is less user-friendly, and because there are many columns, a task cannot open in a single window.

A mindmap

The mindmap is a tool for identifying topics to be developed but does not present a visual sequence.

iMindQ, though, includes an interesting feature that allows you to transform a mindmap into a schedule:


It is important to present items in sequence, as Microsoft Project does, in order of execution. Enterprise Architect is used to model environments but can also present sequences of activities.

Mohio, is sorely missed. Perhaps someone could buy the technology and refloat the platform for this superb modelling technology between Evernotes.


These tools all present activities, tasks, and priorities visually, which makes them clearer, and more obvious.

The objective is to be aware of the scope of each project, to evaluate the resources it needs, to set it up and to execute it. This visual presentation is intended to evaluate projects better and to make them successful.


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