Management tools

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Business management tools are software that helps you manage your business, set goals and plan your actions.

If you are an independent contractor, read as much as you can about management. You will probably discover that the most important challenge is the one that least awaited you.

You may have only expected to do your job, without taking into account all the roles you have to take on.

Keep work and life in balance

If you want to keep up with the management of your business and the personal side, you need to organize yourself to be effective.

We discuss ways to organize your time and priorities, analyze your business, set goals and plan to get your goals right.

teknibiz discuss business management tools, systems analysis and learning methods such as mindmapping

If you’re excited about the idea of grow and improve your business, you may find some tips here.

Several caps.

The biggest management challenge and take on the multiple roles you need to fulfil within your business. This means being clear so that all the necessary functions coexist and generate future orders.

It’s all about setting your priorities, evolving and achieving your goals. The best way to succeed and establish tasks and determine the areas you’re going to focus on.

we deal with systems analysis,action planing, monitoring and performance evaluation using computer tools.

Business management techniques

We deal with topics such as:

Make processes habitual and continuously improve them

Focusing on objectives above all and apply industrial production techniques for profit in support of company development. We hope you find something for yourself here.

We believe in our own method and use the tools to make it happen. They form a coherent whole that we would like to share with our fellow craftsmen.

Odoo (formerly Open ERP) manages the product database, quotes, invoices, accounting, CRM (opportunities) and the entire production chain.

Evernote is our reference base, our information library, our basis for reflection, the glue between the operational and the future, development, quality, technology.

Todoist to establish, manage and monitor tasks, priorities and objectives on a daily basis. It’s the tool that keeps us on the right track, fed by our planning and thinking activities.

Simplemind helps us to brainstorm, to open the mind to ideas, and to structure and define projects. This is the basis for creative development.

See business decision systems for the self-employed and how these tools and principles can interact to manage the business, make decisions and prioritise.

Development and design

We use the following management tools to measure and analyze business activity.

Our vision is that management applies to businesses of all sizes. We hope to apply our experience in information systems to help small businesses analyze their performance and organize their development.

mindmap business management tools

The planning system

Overall, we record all our ideas in Evernote as a corporate memory. Once we have enough ideas or questions to start an bottom-up project, we make a mental map to focus on the scope.

We use Simplemind for mindmapping to focus on specific areas, for design and gathering information.

We could engage in a more formal design using Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems to design our future management system in UML. A systems design tool is of particular use when you work for a third party or a client.

Trello has complete features that we use in daily planning and across all GTD horizons.

And finally, we use Odoo ERP as an operational backbone that qualifies the opportunities that then turn into commands. Orders are converted directly into invoices. The system allows you to release an accounting and provides business management data.

tools used in the planning system


I have observed a management process that we go through to determine the next actions.

Management tools

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