Kanbanote to implement the Eisenhower method

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Use kanbanote to implement the Eisenhower method and focus on Evernotes which are urgent and important.

the eisenhower grid divides tasks into important and urgent

Use Evernote as a library

use evernote as your library

If you use Evernote to organise all your stuff, whether it be as a technical library or a list of todos, you can now present your Evernote as a kanban, even to mimic the Eisenhower grid.

Kanbanote now uses multiple tags

Following the recent release of multi-tags in Kanbanote, you can now do this quite easily.

kanbanote release multiple tags function

Configure kanbanote

See the following image to see how to configure your Evernote tasks into the Eisenhower grid on Kanbanote.

display urgent important non urgent non-important evernotes in kanbanote

Use the right tags in Evernote

First, you need to establish some tags: I use the following shortened forms so that I can quickly enter the tags in Evernote as I want to. :

  • imp: important
  • nimp: not important
  • urg: urgent
  • nurg: not urgent
add important and urgent tags to evernotes

This enables you to simply tag items with their importance and urgency, and they will be displayed as follows in Kanbanote as long as you set up the columns correctly.

You end up with four columns representing each of the four quadrants in the Eisenhower matrix:

Setup urgent important, non-important columns in kanbanote
  • important and urgent
  • important and not urgent
  • urgent and not important
  • not urgent and not important

This is how to use kanbanote to implement the Eisenhower method.

Slide notes between columns

The beauty of Kanbanote is that you can easily slide notes from one column to the other. So if you decide that an item is important and urgent, just slide it over to the important and urgent column and Kanbanote will automatically reassign tags.

The note itself will then be retagged important and urgent.

Kanbanote or Trello

In many ways, this brings Kanbanote closer to being a competitor of Trello, which also presents todos as a kanban.

Evernote allows you to add reminders to notes and get notifications on the due date.

However, the Trello app is faster and there are a lot of plugins, such as Gantt charts and planners.


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