Video and Audio Transcription

One way to subtitle a video is to transcribe the source language into time-coded text, translate it and then subtitle back onto the original video. Another is to transcribe directly to the target language – English.

Send us your videos, and we will transcribe them, even if they are of a technical nature.

Pricing of transcription

Transcription of English and French video and audio to text

Transcription process

Transcription can be one step: French video direct to English transcription or two steps: French video transcribed into French text and then translated from French to English.

One step French to English transcription

French video transcription direct to English (timecoded or not). The output is English transcription (timecoded or not).

Two step Transcription:

Step 1: Transcription of French video to French text, (timecoded or not).
Step 2: Then in a second step, translation to English.

There can be two outputs depending on whether we do just one or two steps. If just one step then we provide the French transcription (timecoded or not).

If both steps, then we provide both the French transcripton (timecoded or not) and the English transcription (timecoded or not).

English transcription

We also transcribe English videos direct into English text (timecoded or not)

Sources and output formats

Video or audio source
Timecoded transcription delivered in SRT format,
Untimecoded transcription in a Word file

We accept video or audio in any format on hard disk, key, optical, by transfer or FTP.

Timecoded transcription for subtitling

We transcribe French or English video to text and create subtitles either via SRT or encrusted.

We have worked for producers of documentaries for Netflix and French Television who more and more wish, or are required, to produce their material with subtitles.

Advantageous both for viewers in France, but subtitles also allow French companies to export their material to English speaking countries.


Subtitles are increasingly used by visually impaired or hard-of-hearing users to ensure compliance with EU legislation.

Technical Translation

We translate documents from French to English