French to English Technical Translation

After my studies in business information technology in 1994 in Paris V and Brighton universities, I went out started out as database developer, then project coordinator, systems analyst and business analyst.

I moved to France in 2000, and spent 4 years working for NEC as database developer, business analyst in the purchasing department, working with buyers to manage data and produce purchasing indicators.

In 2004, I set out as a freelancer, initially in PC maintenance, then 9 years as video technician. In around 2012, I started to look for and take on translation work and in the last 3 years have specialized in technical translation and subtitling.

Mark Lewis’s CV

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Technical Translation

French to English Technical Translation (documents)

  • Business Management
  • Information Systems
  • Quality and Supply Chain
  • Industrial


Translation, Proofreading, Transcription and Timecoding:

In general, minimum order is £50

Diverse projects:

Recent projects: several translations on GDPR.

I have undertaken diverse projects from wine makers, horse breeders, carpet weavers, road management company, industrial and chemical contractor, quality document management, railway construction management, data protection regulations, dam engineering

Translation tools

I use Trados Studio Freelance 2019 to retain original document formatting and manage translation memories.

I use Dragon Naturally Speaking to dictate as much as possible and handle all file formats including pdf, doc, docx.

I use Microsoft Text-To-Speech to verify and proofread translated documents.

Translation using Trados or your industry platform such as Smartcat or Memsource.


I have been translating with Trados for 7 years and on a regular basis for 4 years.

My initial background was IT systems development, analysis and later process management, database development and systems analysis. Ex-developer VBA. Take a look at Mark Lewis’s CV here

I have translated for agencies in Nantes, Paris, the UK, Ireland, Spain, and the US including:

SVP Traductions, SoltenWoods Redaction, Motaword, Com Translations member

I am a long term member of, a community of translators.

Audiovisual translation

Transcription, translation and subtilting

Worked on a TV report, a conference presentation

Asynchronous interpreter

2 projects as asynchronous interpreter in industrial environments interpreter FR <> EN between teams.

Library of memories at TM-Town

Linked In

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I use mindmapping and visual modelling to help understand the sometimes complex environments, vocabulary and concepts that encountered during translation