Relevant business and technical experience

I’m a technical translator with significant technical experience in information systems development, 10 years as a freelancer running a video transfer business and as an Excel teacher. I spent 10 years working in the UK and 20 years in France. I felt a great sense of achievement developing the purchasing database for a large computer … Read more Relevant business and technical experience

Engineering Glossary

arch dam

Herewith a glossary of engineering terms developed during a translation of a technical manual on dams. EN FR Abutment Piédroit Accessways Route D’Accès Aggregates Agrégats Back-Fill Remblais Baffles Cuillères Bolt Boulon Boring Forages Cast Concrete Béton Coffré Cladding Coffrages Compacted Rolled Concrete (Crc) Bcr (Béton Compacté Au Rouleau) Constraint Exigurte Crush Concasser Declaration Attestation Deep … Read more Engineering Glossary