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You can pilot tasks with Evernote to advance research on a topic. But what other management tools can you use to move actions in the desired direction?

Your Evernote research base may be quite large. The challenge then is to take action, but to do so, first to sort and prioritize. But what tool should you use to move actions forward, in the direction you want?

One way is to use Evernote checkboxes, which gives you a list of notes with actions in them, but no sequence. And, despite having identified actions, you need to identify the priority, important and urgent tasks (see the Eisenhower method).

You might want to mark important or urgent items, but the system does not have the sequencing and closing features as a task management tool.

A two-tool system is interesting because it enables a bottom-up and top-down approach. Ascending project analysis is to accumulate and centralize disparate ideas. The top-down approaches to break down a central idea into subtasks (work breakdown structure). In this sense, Evernote is ascending. In the bottom-up approach, Evernote throws out things to do.

The top-down tool focuses on strategy and desire but then can link down to the research base. The top-down approach seeks to prioritize and sequence actions in the most efficient configuration.

Projects can be built in a bottom-up or top-downway. Either ascending from a collection of articles or top-down, consisting of breaking down ideas into steps (work breakdown).

Droptask can be used to manage tasks

You can link a droptask to an Evernote or create a droptask from within Evernote.

To create an Evernote from Ayoa:

send task ayoa to evernote
ayoa send to a specific evernote folder
clean link to evernote

To create an Ayoa task from an Evernote, tag a note ‘Ayoa’ and the note appears in Ayoa.

tag a note droptask

There is no “send to Evernote” function in Todoist, but if Todoist is your preferred task management tool, it is still possible to link a task to the Evernote research base. To do so, copy the Evernote internal link into a Todoist comment

copy link
evernote link

Link Evernote and Todoist with Zapier

link evernote and todoist with zapier

There are other ways to link Todoist and Evernote. Zapier has a selection of zaps to link Todoist to Evernote. This automation can create notes from Todoist tasks and Todoist tasks from Evernotes with a reminder

But Evernote reminders are relatively inaccessible in Evernote and this lets Evernote down as a task management tool.

access reminders

The Zapier model is interesting but I want to choose my note, rather than have a systematic background creation of tasks. If there was a zap based on Evernote with check boxes…

Check-box tasks in Evernote

The Nimbulist iPhone app is based on Evernotes tagged with a checkbox, but it was (is) a little buggy.

Mohio posted useful reminder data, but it was not enough to be used for task management. Moh.io was principally a modelling tool and sadly no longer exists. Today’s solution is Ayoa.

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