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The Docbase project aimed to describe management IT experience and was published on PBworks. The objective was to document the experience of systems development, quality management and services, but also critiques of software and to provide technical advice.

The objective of Docbase was to share on subjects (which motivate me) such as mind mapping, systems analysis and visual learning. It is a halfway house between a blog, a shout and a manifestation of my situation as a home worker!

Having spent many years in information technology, I have a vision of the world as a set of systems. I would like to share some of this experience

As I run my own independent business, personal and business themes may overlap.

Mixing business and pleasure

But the separation of commercial and non-commercial interests:

Evernote to feed Docbase online

The hope is to drive discussion and make contacts.

Originally on a PBworks wiki

I originally set up this site on a PBworkswiki to document the experienceof IT professionals in systems development projects, quality and service management. I also intended to provide reviews and technical tips of favourite software, interesting sites and general IT tips and tricks.

Originally used a wiki following a search for an online collaborative workspace such as Huddle. I found Huddleback then, but now there are a lot more similar systems.
Part of the experiment was to determine how, as a medium wiki differs from blogs. The hypothesis is that while blogs are largely article-based, the articles once in place do not evolve much. In a wiki, the approach is to improve content continuously.

The Docbase project aimed to document lessons learned for academic use or as reference in Evernote.

Evernote and Enterprise Architect

I thought of creating a technical repository, starting with some Management Guidelines, quality and technical issues that I have met over the years.

If software and technical tips get an airing, then so should sites.

For instance, I was interested to see to what extent the incremental updates and update history of the wiki will be of use. It remains to be seen if wiki, in general, is the appropriate format as opposed to the linear database format. It remains to be seen if wiki, in general, is the appropriate format as opposed to the linear database format.

Other Sites Used

I use Quora(Questions & Answers) quite a bit and find it very interesting, but some prefer Aardvark. So in time, I may write a more detailed section reviewing or mentioning a certain number of interesting sites.

As Information Systems is a personal preference, both in terms of theory and practice, I will provide examples of systems case studies.

I would like to debunk some IT and buzzwords since I realise how many new trends and concepts make out that this is the best thing since sliced bread. The GTD (Getting Things Done) method has been very beneficial for me.

I once looked and Joomla and Drupal, I don’t understand the hype since CMS Made Simple is far more accessible. WordPress is way ahead of all the other CMS systems. In the buzzwords and concepts section, there will be some definitions, explanations or references to some of the more common concepts as time allows.

I hope to discuss

  • A specific educational section aimed at comparing aspects of the French and English higher education systems.
  • Some of the training courses followed including APICS Supply Chain Management (CPIM with MGCM), PRINCE and Kepner Tregoe Project Management Comments are welcome, as are offers of collaborative writing in order to enrich the concepts, methods and reviews to provide coherent ‘essays’.

Comments are welcome, as are collaborative writing offers to enrich concepts, methods and reviews.

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