Digital Media File Conversion

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We offer digital media file conversion of your digital audio and video sources into other file formats.

Converting video formats

Conversion between AVI, MPG and MOV. Some formats are platform-specific notably Final Cut and i-movie on Mac which use only MOV (QuickTime). We convert between formats to move between editing platforms. We offer this service so that we can receive any audio or video input format and can output in any format.

Converting audio formats

Compression means that more sound can be stored on media, but may also mean lower quality. Despite this, MP3 can do the job, depending on the application, For hi-fi and sound enthusiasts it just won’t cut it. We can input in any format for editing, but the quality out depends on the quality in. This enables us to extract or export sound from either WAV, MP3 or Audio CDs.

Upload to YouTube

You may wish to export, view or retain your media on YouTube. We can do this for you

Hard and Optical disks

We handle corrupted hard disks and damaged optical disks. We have the connectors to take any media and the software to recover damaged hard drives and hardware to resurface optical disks.


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