Data Processing Services

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Our experience in providing data processing services from multiple streams into a single corporate database for use by purchasing, procurement and marketing.

I was integrating multiple streams of corporate data and into a single database. With hindsight and with the resources available, the result was considerable.

Purchasing Data Processing

We spent four years working in a large international computer production company, designing, building and managing the purchasing database. The purpose of the database was to consolidate forecast sales data for the Purchasing Department to negotiate medium-term supply contracts.

This experience was also used to create the Compuprod Case Study in a first-year information systems module in a French IUT. The case study discusses the importance of communication across departments and the importance of the cross-functional nature of the ERP.

The challenge was the import of this data from multiple diverse and unstable sources. We developed systems to standardise and inject up to 20 sources at a time into a central database.

The database had several other functions, notably to maintain item purchasing prices for use by Procurement to place supplier orders. Also, the database received significant volumes of production data to crosscheck forecast data.

Groupware models

Our system served as operational groupware and as a model before the implementation of larger structured systems. The database served as a repository and analysis model for a later transition to Peoplesoft ERP.

We remained involved in the project throughout the transition to Peoplesoft. We continued the day-to-day data, functional analysis of the Purchasing module in PeopleSoft and building interfaces from the legacy database. Once the new systems in place, we built reporting systems on Cognos.

Functional Requirements Analysis

We use UML techniques for functional requirements analysis of operational contexts through use cases, class diagrams and relational data structures.

Our involvement can take different forms. We can be involved in modelling requirements with business actors, in data modelling or data processing.

data processing services

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