Canvas and Workflow views in Ayoa

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The canvas and workflow views in Ayoa are very helpful to visually model your tasks. You can easily swap categories and subcategories and add dependencies between tasks.

a category and subcategory on ayoa canvas view

Swap from the canvas views to the workflow (work breakdown structure) view:

tasks in the ayoa workflow view

These perspectives on the same set of tasks can allow you to think about things differently.

The visual canvas view allows you to place tasks in the right categories and to swap categories and sub-categories or place categories within categories.

You can collapse all categories down and pulling them together to get an overview of the big themes.

Model tasks in the canvas view and sequence tasks in the workflow view.

The canvas view allows you to establish dependencies between tasks by drawing an arrow between tasks.

a dependency between two tasks in ayoa canvas view

Which results in a dependency between the two tasks on the Gantt view:

a dependency between two tasks in ayoa on the Gantt view

The Gannt view allows you to schedule tasks (against time).

Three easily interchangeable views in Ayoa can therefore be used:

  • Canvas view: allows you to model and organise tasks and deliverables in logical groupings.
  • Workflow view: provides a more structured work breakdown structure, allowing you to sequence the order of tasks
  • Gannt view: to schedule tasks against the calendar
dependencies on tasks in ayoa gannt view calendar

Evaluation of Ayoa

Take a look at Ayoa’s features

See a fuller article on the evaluation of Ayoa as a project designer or a full-blown task manager.


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