restos du coeur

Here is the cabaret recorded by in 2013. We recorded the cabaret, edited the video, and ensured the sale of the DVD in favour of the Association A Portée de Choeur Auray.

The creation of the APDC Association in pictures.

Here is the story of the creation of the APDC Association in newspaper articles . How it has evolved!

Les Enfoires Sont De Retour 3

In favour of the restos du coeur.


The services of MJL Video

MJL Video / Media Memory no longer exists as such! In any case, we no longer have the scanning or video equipment.

We now focus on other services, including video subtitling and translation into English or French.

We retain the possibility of editing certain digital video content. We have many fond memories of that time, such as recording theatre presentations. Here is a summary of various of our video projects.

By marklewis

Mark Lewis is an Access developer, business analyst turned technical translator, fluent in French and English