Management Tools

Business Management Tools

We use the following management tools to measure and analyse business activity.

Our vision is that management applies to businesses of all sizes. We hope to apply our experience of information systems to help small businesses analyse their performance and organise their development.

Development and Design

business management tools mindmap

The planning system

Overall, we record all our ideas in Evernote as business memory. Once we have sufficient ideas or issues to initiate a bottom-up project we make a mindmap to focus on the scope.

We use Simplemind for mindmapping to focus on specific areas, for design and pulling information together.

We might engage in more formal design using Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems helps us to design our future business system in UML. A systems design tool is of particular use when working for a third party or customer.

Trello has comprehensive features which we use in everyday planning and across all GTD horizons.

And finally we use Odoo ERP is the operational backbone which qualifies leads, which then turn into orders. Orders convert straight into invoices. The whole system is used for accounting and providing business management data.

tools used in the planning system


I have observed a management process that we go through to determine next actions.

management tools

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