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Despite my evaluation of Ayoa being too slow for everyday use, I have come back to the Ayoa workflow because currently, I know no better way of organizing Evernotes into a kanban such that it actually generates action.

However, I retain Todoist for everyday tasks, the Ayoa workflow is a content planner.

Ayoa workflow kanban view

ayoa workflow

Ayoa allows you to drag-and-drop note tasks in a visually pleasing environment.

And you can then play with each note task in the task organisation environment. Ayoa workflow provides you have notes, checklists and the link back to Evernote. It would be nice though if the link back to Evernote could open the desktop app and not the web app. You can then display your Kanban workflow grid visually in the canvas view.

Example of Ayoa Canvas View

Mindmaps in Ayoa

Then come mind maps. See how to link mind maps and tasks in Ayoa.

mindmaps in ayoa can be linked to tasks in the ayoa workflow view

The mind map layer sits on top of the task workflow/canvas layer and enables you to stand back, to get an overview of what you’re trying to do in your project. Obviously, this process can also be top-down, you can add to your mind map and develop the tasks that are needed to fulfil the vision. See top-down and bottom-up projects. See the funnel.

I thought of Ayoa as the “only” environment to do what I was thinking, which was mindmap with a strong link to tasks, effectively actioning Evernotes.


Kanbannote is a technologically impressive tool, gives you a lovely presentation of notes but you can’t comment on them. In Ayoa you can play with the organization of your tasks, you can present them in different views.

kanbanote organising evernote content
kanbanote organises evernotes into a kanban

Ayoa a partial replacement of Moh.io

Ayoa is not the same as moh.io, but it does allow you in effect to arrange notes spatially.

mohio map
moh.io modelling of evernotes

What were the characteristics of moh.io that drew you to it? First and foremost, the visual-spatial two-dimensional presentation. Although it had quite different capabilities, the ability to link notes and to tag notes by linking them to tag visual tag objects.

Sadly though, moh.io is now defunct, although you could purchase the moh.io domain on product hunt for around 5k USD.

moh.io domain for sale


Evernote has developed its own internal task management system with Evernote 10 which is not bad but still has bugs to iron out such as incorrect tasks ordering by the due date on the iPhone. It’s not yet a full task management system and so this is where are you at Ayoa has come back in, due to the gap still open left by the Evernote task manager.

Also, Evernote task due dates need to sync with Google Calendar

I’m thinking about a post on the Evernote forum requesting the ability to mindmap using Evernotes and how moh.io fulfilled this function. Ayoa could be a replacement for moh.io.


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