Audio Editing

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The first type of digital audio editing is simple cutting and cleaning. We can also edit a digital audio soundtrack associated with a video track.

Add a general music track

This type of audio editing can be done with any type of video whether the source is old or new.

Add a specific sound track

Including music that corresponds to video over several tracks or themes. This type of audio editing is most often done for video tracks from mute Super 8 reels.

Add voice commentary

The third type of audio editing from video is to add voice commentary. The main difference is that we collect your feelings and comments about the video in question beforehand. However, we suggest that we record your own comments on your films together to explain what was going on, the scenes, the people in order to create an unforgettable family archive.

Here’s an example we’ve made for ourselves, a voice track synchronized with the video.

We have done this (kind of) work for our clients, especially for a commemorative anniversary montage going through 18 years. The person filmed themselves on camera and we took on the editing. Unfortunately without the ability publishing the content online.


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