Audio Editing Services

Audio editing, cleanup, adding general or specific audio tracks to video either music or voice commentary

We edit audio in several ways.

Split by tracks

The first is to simply divide up and clean audio transferred from audio sources.

Edit the video audio track

The second way to edit audio is to edit the audio track of a video in one of several ways.

First simply by adding a set of music tracks to an otherwise muet source video source such as transferred from muet Super 8. This general option usually consists of just adding music but music which is not necessarily closely tied to the video. Scene changes will not be taken into account, and music may run over reel or cassette changes.

Adding audio in relation to the video

This option consists of searching for and adding audio which is more closely related to the theme of the video. A single piece of video may therefore contain multiple audio segments.This type of editing still concerns mostly adding audio to video from muet Super 8. This option consists of tying the audio closely to the video so that music will be in harmony with the theme both for reel or cassette and, depending on the brief, for scene changes.

Add audio commentary.

This process involves recording your comentary on the video and then integrating the voice as an audio commentary track. An additional musical audio track may recommended. This type of editing can be carried out on video from any source whether it be Super 8, video cassettes or any other video source. This is rather like creating audio titles.

The price indicated is roughly an hourly rate used as a basis for our estimates based on the number of minutes of audio and video source..

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